Established in 1979 by Gilberto Preda, Giloro is a dynamic company, characterized by an innovative design. Giloro creations are recognizable at first glance; shapes without equal, poetic themes and incredible wearability. An unmistakable style; beyond the beauty of the forms, there is the extreme quality of the stones, their purity and uniqueness.

Giloro staff creates numerous models every year, enriching a catalogue of timeless forms, projected into the future. Shapes that anticipate fashion; an amazing alternative to the common jewellery. All the collections are distinguished by artistry, flair and innovation.

The items invent an unrepeatable concept and bring the materials to life, thanks to the great professionalism of its own goldsmiths and to their experience, which allowed Giloro jewels to reach the perfection, both in production and finishing.

Giloro is known and sold in major markets worldwide and intends to expand the distribution of its creations, seeking out and selecting its sales outlets carefully.

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