An Artist’s Style Is His Signature

Giuseppe Picchiotti’s romance with diamonds and precious stones has been guiding him for five decades to pursue the artistic expression that distinguishes Picchiotti from other Fine Jewelry brands. With his passionate commitment to exclusivity, the resulting collections are of exquisite beauty and artistry, true masterpieces that will be talked about and treasured for years to come.

The Picchiotti Collections are conceived with a focus on colored gemstones, and a quintessentially Italian, dynamic and innovative design and sensibility expressing unsurpassed creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. The shapes are soft, sinuous, and very feminine.

Every new Picchiotti collection is unveiled at Baselworld, the result of 12 months of artistic creation and skilled craftsmanship. Immediately after Baselworld, the design team prepares a preliminary selection of new ideas for the next collection. Each design is then evaluated by the Picchiotti family members, who share a common fundamental belief: The perfect mix in an ideal collection is the balance between the harmonious shapes found in nature and the clean lines found in architecture. These are indeed Picchiotti’s true sources of inspiration.

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