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Sartoro, a visionary Fine and High Jewellery Maison based in Geneva, stands as a pillar of trust in the heart of the city, where three generations converge. Its commitment to excellence is showcased through innovative creations and unrivalled quality, designed to set apart, telling the unique story of the wearer's essence.


Founded in 2001 by Arto and Saro Artinian, the Maison's enduring dedication to transparency in craftsmanship is upheld by its in-house artisans, who meticulously source, select, cut, and craft each creation. Rooted in a rich family legacy and guided by ethical principles and familial connection, Sartoro fosters a sense of trust and reliability, preserving tradition and delivering exceptional creations.


As a family business, the Maison's commitment to client relationships, founders' active engagement, and above-and-beyond client care contribute to a deeply personal and cherished journey for every individual.

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