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Harry Winston timepieces bear the unmistakable imprint of the famous American jeweler who revolutionized the high jewelery scene with his pioneering approach to cutting and setting precious gemstones.

When Harry Winston embarked on its fine watchmaking journey in 1989, the goal was to bring the exceptional quality and design heritage of the House to the realm of high-end watchmaking. Signature codes, such as the silhouette of Mr. Winston’s preferred diamond-cut – the octagonal emerald-cut – and architectural features of Harry Winston’s New York Flagship Salon are replicated on some models, creating a visual and emotional bridge to the brand’s rich legacy. Naturally, as Mr. Winston was known as the “King of Diamonds”, diamonds and precious gemstones play a starring role in the House’s timepieces, as do avant-garde materials like Zalium and the cutting-edge horological technology afforded by the Swatch Group, which acquired the brand in 2013. Collections for men and women range from dazzling high jewelry fantasies to elegant sports models and radically innovative pieces distinguished by the use of outstanding materials and technology, exceptional creativity and the hallmark New York touch of the House of Harry Winston.

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