Qatari Jewellery Brand Noudar’s Collection Inspired by Islamic Culture and Henna Designs

The brand name Noudar derives from the ancient Arabic word for gold. Noor Ali Hussain Alfardan, founder and designer of Noudar Jewels, combines influences from the timeless treasures of Arabian civilization with a modernist take on luxury jewellery.

This collection takes inspiration from the noble heritage of Arabic and Islamic culture. Omani patterns, reminiscent of mosaics and Henna designs, are aesthetically present throughout this daring, yet romantic jewellery for the modern woman.

The designer’s fascination with watches and horological mechanisms has strongly influenced Noudar’s jewellery, emphasizing the importance of craftsmanship to improve comfort, movement, and flexibility in her creations.

Noor has been designing jewellery since she was a child. In 2012, she launched Noudar, and she feels that out of all the new fine jewellery brands that have emerged, the ones that are owned by women are doing the best. Now, she was named as the Arabian Watches and Jewellery Magazine’s list of 20 most influential women of the industry.

Noudar is the only in-house brand by Alfardan Jewellery and showcases how Noor has inherited the spirit of elegance and modernity of the family, while keeping a deeply rooted to the beauty of the culture of her ancestors. Now, the designs have been worn across the globe by the likes of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and Kendall Jenner.

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