Since its establishment over 40 years ago, Nsouli has been considered one of the most prominent leaders in the jewelry business world as it values honesty in dealing and pricing and always provides superior quality in its designs and manufacturing. The company has tackled the jewelry business's many facets and has proven to excel in its quality of work regarding diamond cutting, diamond trading, diamond export, jewelry manufacturing, jewelry design, and fine jewelry export. Nsouli has worked for several years in wholesale and retail, making it a front runner regarding prices, precious gems selections, outstanding setting quality, and trust.

Occupying an office in Antwerp, the world-famous diamond center, puts the world's most remarkable gems at Nsouli's disposal first-hand. Getting the rough diamonds directly from their legitimate source, the company cuts them, transforming them into wonders from nature, with specially customized cuts to offer one-of-a-kind jewels from the mine to your finger.

Nsouli Office for Diamond Trading are well established in the Almas Tower in Dubai.

The atelier's wide variety of exceptional gems, alongside its unique aesthetic, diverse inspirations, and professionally trained team of designers, shape its timeless fine jewelry creations organized in four collections that stand the whims of time in design and value.



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