The first ever ready-to-wear natural pearl connecting today's generation

The pearl industry has played a key role in the Gulf community for hundreds of years. Many communities across the region depended on pearling to sustain a living. With only boats and conventional equipment, diving for natural pearls in the Arabian Gulf was always associated with danger. Therefore, it was a profession that required certain skills, which were passed on from one generation to another. Despite the challenges and hurdles that came with pearling, those committed would continue their pursuit for natural pearls, sailing across the high seas in the Arabian Gulf, for weeks and month, in search for the treasures and jewels of the sea.


The brand’s founder, Mr. Hussain Ibrahim Alfardan, grew in a family well known and respected for their centuries-long passion for pearls. Today, Mr Hussain is considered a leading expert on natural pearls, drawing on the knowledge and experience of his ancestors who were known as leaders in the pearl trade.


Al Tawash Gallery is a showcase of Mr. Hussain’s decades long collection of natural pearls originating from the Gulf, known for their elegance, lustre and high-worth. In addition to featuring a wide and unique range of the most sought-after and rare natural pearls, Al Tawash Gallery take visitors on a historical journey, presenting the role and influence of pearls on art, culture, and the Gulf region as a whole. It details the origins of the precious jewels and the intricate process involved in the extraction, formation, and trading of the different types.


Responding to the current high demand for natural pearls in elegant jewellery that is modern, reasonably priced and fit for every occasion, Al Tawash Gallery released its first ready-to-wear jewellery line, that is designed to connect today’s generation to their cultural heritage.


The new line from Al Tawash integrates the treasures of the sea with precious stones, such as diamonds, into timeless, elegant and contemporary jewellery. Iconic natural pearls in stunning pieces of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are designed to fit any occasion and cater to today’s generation.


Each item in the new line preserves the heritage and cultural significance of natural pearls in the region while responding to new trends to appeal to younger generations. The brand was inspired to create a jewellery line that is stylish and attractive to younger generations, to empower them to become cultural ambassadors of their heritage and wear jewellery that nurtures and showcases the region’s treasures to the world.


Natural pearls have always been an important part of Qatar’s heritage and hold such a historical and traditional significance within the region. The new jewellery line from Al Tawash honours these precious jewels in the most exquisite jewellery that would make for the perfect gift or souvenir for past, current, and future generations.

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