Alfardan Jewellery Workshop - Getting ISO (9001) Certificate for the Second Time
14 November, 2023

An icon of quality and among the sophistication in the world 

Sahag Khajadourian: The administration is keen on development and provides us with new ideas and designs. 

Commitment to the highest standards of quality and sophisticated designs is the secret of our permanent excellence. 

The workshop is comparable in its excellence and history to the most ancient jewelry workshops in the world. Qualifying and training the workshop’s employees at the highest level is the secret of our distinction. Continuously measuring the opinions of our customers to develop our products and continue our leadership. 


Alfardan Jewellery Workshop culminated its great efforts in applying the highest international quality standards by obtaining the international standard specification certificate for quality management systems (ISO 9001:2015) for the second time as the first company in the region to achieve this great accomplishment. Alfardan Jewellery is distinguished by being the exclusive agent for many major jewellery and watches companies worldwide. 


Mr. Sahag Khajadourian, Workshop Manager, said “For the second time, the workshop has achieved in obtaining the ISO certificate (ISO 9001:2015), which confirms the continuation of our journey of excellence in the jewellery industry and our commitment to applying the highest international quality standards.” 


This is the second time that Alfardan Jewellery Workshop has obtained the ISO, as the first company in the region to make this great achievement, due to the company’s consistency in excellence and the permanent development and continuation of its journey in the jewellery industry. The workshop’s obtaining this certificate is only confirmation of the successes of Alfardan Jewellery and its commitment in applying the highest international quality standards. 


Sahag further noted: “We work for our customers, and when we realize this great achievement, it strengthens their confidence in Alfardan Jewellery, and pushes us to work harder in order to achieve their desires, whether in terms of quality, design, or the splendor and beauty of the jewellery that we provide to them.” 


This ISO certification gives a great addition to the workshop, not only at the Qatari level, but at the global level as well, because the company follows a specific system, and develops permanently and continuously, both at the level of designs and commitment to quality, which is its secret of permanent distinction. 


“We are always improving our level and measuring the opinions of customers and the public, because we work for them, especially since Alfardan Jewellery workshop is one of the first workshops in the region” he added. 


He explained that the workshop’s obtaining the ISO certificate (ISO 9001:2015) for the second time is a culmination of the great efforts exerted by all the workers in the workshop with the support and guidance of Mr. Hussain Ibrahim Alfardan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alfardan Group, and Mr. Ali Hussain Alfardan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Alfardan Jewellery. 


He pointed out that Alfardan Jewellery Workshop is comparable in its distinction, heritage, and long history to the most ancient jewellery workshops in the world due to its advanced ideas and sophisticated and constantly renewed designs, especially since the management is extremely keen on development and provides us with new ideas and designs and measuring the needs of the market, which drives us to continuous development. 


He said: “We work according to a vision and in line with the global development in the jewellery industry to serve our customers, especially since we provide after-sales service, and we constantly measure our customers’ opinions to know their point of view on our products to develop them permanently and continuously, in order to achieve complete satisfaction of our customers and  that Alfardan Jewellery continues its leadership in the Qatari, Gulf and international markets. 


He explained that the ISO includes dozens of countries, more than a million companies and joint institutions, and there is global follow-up to Alfardan Jewellery Workshop in order to develop further, stressing that the products of Alfardan Jewellery Workshop are among the finest in the world. 


To maintain this and continue excellence and success, Alfardan Jewellery continues to train the team in the workshop to be at the highest level of competence and experience, and this is the secret of its success and distinction in the market by providing the highest quality and the most wonderful and beautiful designs.